Friends and the Youth Department

NCRD Youth Discover Their Green Thumbs

November, 2020

You know it’s Autumn when the air gets chilly, the leaves turn color, and it’s time to plant bulbs that bloom in the Spring.  This is exactly what children at the NCRD Youth Program did recently on a sunny Fall day.  With a donation of several hundred bulbs from a Friends of NCRD sponsor, ten youth planted a variety of bulbs, under the direction of gardener Nancy Smith and Youth Director Leslie Vipond.  Included in the assortment were various single and double daffodils and tulips of different colors;  a few allium and windflowers were included for variety in bloom height and color.

“Hey, they’re all different sizes”; “How far down do we dig?”; “Which part is the bottom?”  “When will they bloom?”  These were some of the things children learned as they had fun getting their hands in the dirt.   Look for pictures next Spring of the Youth Garden in bloom.   

If you are interested in becoming a Friends of NCRD Sponsor, contact Gail Young at